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key22 goodking search engine text for web site owner's information.

key22 programs and plans web sites in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany and in Bangkok, Thailand. key22 can create your web site. we gather text and images, sort and structure your data, add content where needed and discuss a reasonable project style with you, the customer. key22 concentrates on content and structure. content feeds the search engines. structure helps the visitor to find the way. we guide your visitors. we point to your strong products or services. we optimize your site for search. by providing product related content on your web site, the search to your site will be successful, because visitors will find what they search for. This text, for example, is doing just this, in Germany and in Bangkok, Thailand.

programming according to web standards.

key22 is designing with functionality in mind. we do static web sites and program dynamic websites. we have set up so called e-commerce solutions, in most cases web shops to sell goods via the internet. you can have a database driven website where the contents can be altered dynamically, according to the visitors country or social status. No, to be honest, the latter is hard to program. The visitors country though can be taken in consideration when desgning your project. we actually love also to do static web sites. search engines like them. static websites load faster and save the hosting server resources. They are considered static - also relating to their content - and therefor search takes them serious. if you need a web site for your business or need a re-design or more sophisticated programs in the background, we can produce. if you like to sell services or products, we can program the web shop to your needs.

good web sites are designed clean and structured.

key22 designs good websites, because we care about the code as well as the look. the structure of a good web site is at least as important as it's layout. The programming behind the visitor's vision makes it understand and adopt to visitor's needs. for database driven web content, it is important to work on the server site, since accessibility of your content is the prime goal. no programmer will deliver good work unless he or she obeys a few basic rules in web design. clean code. clear structure. relevant content. understandable layout and efficient and clean programming behind the actual web site. world wide, Germany, Thailand, Muenchen, Stuttgart, Berlin, Paris und Bangkok.

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